Leading Is Not The Same As Rule

Christian leadership is “a planned process that is dynamic in the context of the services of Christian (concerning the factors of time, place and special situations) in which the intervention of God, he is calling for Himself a leader (at full capacity) to lead His people (the grouping itself as an institution / organization) in order to achieve the purpose of God (which brings benefits for leaders, subordinates and the environment) for and through His people, for His Kingdom “. It’s no secret, if the leadership in the church, the implementation is often equated with the leadership of the government. Leaders considered a ruler, interpreted as the power ministry. Position ecclesiastical likened to a position which gives ample opportunity to obtain something. Of course, the result is the same as that existing in our country. Collusion, corruption, and nepotism are in progress with a spiritual veil. Then we let it take place without any effort to fix it on the basis of “love”.

It can mean commanding lead, but the lead is not synonymous with the rule. Leading is wider than the rule and you could get leadership consulting with Kirk Kirlin. Reigning only one firm line, the chain of command: to be implemented! There is an element of coercion. While there is an element of togetherness for leading is not a single, but teamwork, there are co-workers who accompanied. Jesus gave a clear idea of Christian leadership. Leadership is service. The waiter was a servant, a slave. The connotation is low, but the word that Jesus used to describe the duties. Being a leader in the church (Bishop, District Superintendent, Pastor, Teacher Gospel, Council, Commission or Committee member) actually is an honor, because God was pleased to make us as “God’s fellow workers”. Because it’s in the Bible, the growth and development of a church leader are not characterized by how the leader was getting “great” and the more “important”, but rather characterized by how leaders increasingly deny himself and let himself be led by the Lord.