Who Needs Rehabilitation Psychiatry & Outcomes

Psychiatric rehabilitation such as dual diagnosis rehab is intended for patients who are already experiencing mental problems in the long term. The poor person’s mental condition will usually make a person does not have the expertise to function, contribute to, and ability to assist as appropriate in their community. At the same time, the person will also have to live under the stigma of being impaired, which can make the patient more and do not want to touch and distancing oneself from others. The signs and symptoms that differ from his mental condition can also increase the likelihood of perslisihan, conflict, and communication is not effective in societies where the patient is located. According Psychiatry.org, someone who is experiencing mental disorders usually tend to do some actions such as:

1. Steer clear himself from society and lose interest in others

2. Loss of ability to concentrate or understand himself and others

3. Feeling the mismatch between himself and his environment

4. Growing way of thinking is not logical

5. Bring up the trust that is not common, imaginary and exaggerated

6. Feeling a sense of distrust and suspicion towards others

The success rate of different psychiatric rehabilitation for one person and the other, because there are many factors that influence. One is the admission or openness to new or different skills, and also a chance to return to live in the community. Nevertheless, the patient can expect that during his rehabilitation, they will:

1. Feel rewarded

2. Establish a new sense of confidence in their ability to grow and learn

3. Feeling itself through growth and continuous learning

4. Can search services and assistance separately recover quickly and effectively

5. Can work in teams with different members that will provide the level of needs and challenges of different

6. Learn to make your own decisions and in the process, grow up to be people who can master himself

7. Establish a group that supports them in a community, including family members, who will be assisted by a team of rehabilitation

8. Experiencing growth in various things in their lives