Overdose is harmful to your health

The supplement is familiar to everyone since they try to take advantage of it. With the presence of the various type of supplements that can meet the need of your health, you may think that all supplements are same. Will it work better when you take more? To gather further info about supplement dosage, some decide to read the article on www.somanindonesia.co.id/produk/khasiat-soman.

Well, more is not better. Taking much of supplement can be harmful. You will need to take the supplement according to the needs of your body. What will happen when you are overdosing? For instance, excessive iron and vitamin A will lead liver gets the problems. On the other hand, the overdose of vitamin B6 can cause the nerve damage to both arms and legs. To avoid experiencing “overdosage”, nothing best than following the dose recommended. So, read the label careful or discuss with your expert. Is it good to take the supplement for a long time?