Purpose of Website Design

The website design is the first step before making Website. Web design step is initiated for the purpose of making a website. You can visit our website to get web design software. There are several goals of making Website include:

– Company Profile Means presentation that can be accessed throughout the world.

– Support the promotion of products and services.

– Media Communication between individuals and exchanged information eg social networking.

– Media personal and group expression.

– Provide a means of spreader Sciences.

– A place to learn both the direct and interactive Forum

– Means in the form of file sharing programs and data.

– As a means of online transactions to facilitate transactions anywhere and anytime.

Prior to design, we should find out and understand some of the functions in order to design a website created in accordance with the functionality of the website. In general, the function of the website is as follows:

1. Communications Function
The website serves as a communication pliers, in general, is a dynamic web. Because it is made using a network programming is equipped with facilities that provide communication uses such as webmail, formanthec, chats, forums, etc.

2. Information Function
– Emphasis on quality of content, because the purpose of this site is to convey the contents
– We recommend that contain text and graphics
– Facilities that provide the function of files, news, library, information, preferences, company, etc.

3. Entertainment Functions
As a means of entertainment/use of animated pictures and moving elements can improve the quality of design presentation, but still have to consider the speed of the download. Examples of functions Entertainment: online games, online movies, online music etc.

4. Transactions Functions
The website can be a good business transaction of goods services, the web, etc. Connected sites certain consumer companies and communities through electronic means. The payout can ease a credit card, transfer or pay directly.