Healing through meditation, is it possible? As ever in the documentary about ayahuasca. We may be curious about the benefits of meditation on this one. Many people do not know is that meditation can help speed up the healing process.

The roots of many diseases are actually a lot in consciousness or mind. By paying attention to your mind and rid it of any disturbance, the healing process can take place more quickly. Health and disease are part of nature, and nature is already providing medicine to treat various diseases. Healthy ourselves whether or not depends on how we respond law of natural balance. By practicing meditation, one will be led align itself with nature. The alignment will bring a positive impact on the body, brain and nervous system. Stress, fear, anxiety would be reduced and the disease will be cured.

You do not have to worry about health and disease. If you are concerned about the disease, you give more power to the disease. You are a combination of health and disease. When you have positive thoughts, you will not get sick. If you get sick, the first thing to do is heal your mind. Heal the mind through meditation. This meditative exercise helps the brain to relax and escape from the burden of thinking that is too heavy. By doing so, you can re-think clearly and concentrate on recovering quickly from illness. You also will have positive and optimistic thoughts. Meditation can transform aggression and violence into love, of love and attention. For example, notice how you feel when entering a room where someone is really angry? certainly a little more you will feel the same way, that is angry. Similarly, when there are harmony and happiness, you will feel it. Because, what we feel is not isolated in our body, but can influence others.

If you feel unhappy, stressed or ill, not only your own taste, but you also spread the weather to the people around you. Therefore, meditation is very appropriate to be used as a medium to purify the mind and healing ourselves, so that we can again give positive aura around. This is also evidenced by Manchester University scientists are recruiting people who have diverse experience of meditation for months, for years in the research. Only advanced meditators whose anticipation and experience of pain is different from those who are not meditators. Understanding how meditation works would help improve this method of treatment and help in the development of new therapies.