Various techniques were Acknowledgements Sea Fishing For Beginners

Fishing using live fish as bait or live temple. This technique can be used ballast and called basic or not to use weights. Rigging the main keener mounted swivel, then spliced ??neckline of about 10 cm and hook tied neckline. Decoys are used absolute live bait such as trevally, song, bloating, and other, even baby barracuda can be used. Use of neckline because usually the target is a sharp-toothed fish that will easily break the mono if used. This technique is effectively used for fishing mackerel in the Thousand Islands although it is possible to be used in other areas and you can learn in guided fishing port aransas.

This technique is used when the ship road with a speed of 5-7 knots and using artificial bait called Rapala. Rapala used to fish such as mackerel and wahoo. Other fake bait types commonly used are conehead shaped certain calamari but strikingly colored. Konahead used if the target of similar fish Marlin, Sailfish, and lemadang. Distance feed from the ship about 20-10 meters depending on the size of the bait. Trolling rod sizes ranging from 3 feet up to 7 feet. There are 2 types of guideline for trolling rod, light, and medium trolling up to 50 lbs usually use your ring, for heavy trolling 50 lbs or more using roller guide.